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Let the prepping begin!

Behold, a small portion of our canned goods horde. The bit that won’t fit in the cabinets any more. We’ve always kept a generous amount of non-perishables on hand, being people of constitutional paranoia, but shit does seem quite considerably closer to the fan today and we’ve just received a large order of stuff.

Ordered 20 kilos of cat food a moment ago and I believe Uncle B is eyeing a bulk booze purchase.

No specific news in the UK, just a general louder ringing of alarm bells on news and social media.

Actually, no, strike that — social media has gone nucking futz about coronavirus. My little pea brain is so full of argumentation and rumor I don’t even know how to pass any of it along. As if passing any of that howling junk along was a good idea.

Temperature going up where you are?

February 24, 2020 — 8:51 pm
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