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Glimpsed through the bars

Our new puss.

It’s a sad story, as it turns out. Recently widowed, her sons talked her into getting a kitten for company. Now she’s developed a terrible allergy to him. Her doctor has given her inhalers and strong drugs and everything. She’s not well generally, so in the end she had to give up.

The cat is clearly very sad. The woman is, too. He’s six months old and they were obviously attached to each other. He’s hiding in his pet carrier and won’t be consoled. She was just on the phone seeing how he was getting on. She’d been crying.

He’s an absolute stunner. All ginger with no white on him, beautifully proportioned and healthy. He will make a fine cat.

But I’ve never taken an animal out of a loving home before. Turns out, it’s a real downer.

February 12, 2020 — 8:58 pm
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