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This from the Woodland Trust: how to identify trees by their knobbly bits in Winter. I love these ID charts. I had all of this info printed on a neat small card I used to take hiking with me. To be honest, though, I’m not sure I identified a single tree that way.

It all looks so much clearer in an illustration. Which is why, even now, they use illustration rather than photography in botany and medicine. Here’s the big color version; may it be of some use to you.

The things that come across my Twitter feed while I’m obsessively refreshing for news of THE PLAGUE. The woman who’s cat we stole gave us a call to check on him earlier tonight.

Her granddaughter is in one of the Sussex elementary schools that have been shut because students went on a field trip to Italy last week. I reassured her that, as far as we know, not one person under the age of nine has caught the bug.

Did you know that? Quite unusual for a flu. This one appears to be firmly a boomer bug.

Nemesis creeps closer.

February 26, 2020 — 8:53 pm
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