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…it’s what they don’t say…

Say, we haven’t done a virus update in a while.

We know someone locally under self-quarantine. No symptoms or anything. She’s just come home from Hong Kong and has been asked, along with her whole family, not to leave the house for two weeks.

What’s interesting is we didn’t know they were doing this. If they asked her, they must have asked thousands of others just back from the East, and there has been zero reporting of it. If I hadn’t had a phone call from her, we still wouldn’t know.

Did you know there were over 5,400 people in California alone that have been asked to self-quarantine since February 14? The number is from an article in the Wall Street Journal making the rounds on #Coronavirus Twitter.

Unfortunately, the article is behind a paywall, so that’s the only number I can read, but it must be thousands more nationwide. Did you know they were doing this? I didn’t.

As it happens, I’m feeling a little better about this outbreak. In my opinion as an art school dropout who’s read several books about the 1918 pandemic, it should’ve have started heating up around the world by now.

Either it’s a fizzle outside China for some reason, or it has a longer incubation time than they’re proposing.

February 19, 2020 — 9:25 pm
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