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Drug shopping

Me, not the cat.

When I was a kid, I occasionally got terrible hives, for which I was given Benadryl. In those days, Benadryl was diphenhydramine and it was prescription. It would knock you on your butt.

So much so, it got an awful reputation and fell out of favor as an antihistamine, when other less soporific drugs were discovered. In fact, the product labelled “Benadryl” is another antihistamine entirely these days. But then diphenhydramine got a second life as a sleep aid.

Only, not here, apparently. Oh, no – Limeys want herbal remedies. Well, honestly, you can stuff your stinky valerian.

So I can get any number of diphenhydramine products from the States and pay as much in postage as I pay for the drug. Or I can get it from Latvia in a caramel-flavored liquid, which sounds dreadful. Or I can get what I hope is it in a box written entirely in Russian.

And now I’ve got that stupid Sominex jingle running through my brain.

October 5, 2020 — 5:43 pm
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