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Say it with me: pisiform

That little knobbly bit in the wrist is the pisiform cartilege. It does indeed mean pea-shaped. It covers the pisiform bone in cats. This site says it’s vestigial, but I had read it was a shock absorber.

You have a pisiform bone, too. It’s the lumpy wrist bone farthest over on the pinkie side. Fortunately, you probably don’t have a pisiform cartilege, though, because that would look gross hanging off of you.

And because I apparently forgot to hit ‘publish’ last night, today you get two!

October 19, 2020 — 8:18 pm
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Must’ve been a Monday job

Documenting big cat’s sloppy paint job. There are some terrible bits that don’t show here, like the white V on his back and the random black spots on his legs. My favorite is the white ring near the end of his tail, though.

Silly puss.

I read once that skin temperature is how color is decided in bi-color animals. It’s obviously a very narrow difference. There was some appalling experiment where they shaved black and white rabbits and held icecubes to their skin, I seem to remember reading. That doesn’t make sense, though, does it?

— 7:15 pm
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