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I forgot how sticky the CCTV is for my eyeballs. Clockwise from the upper left:

1. The window over the kitchen sink, so I can see who’s coming in and stealing catfood in the middle of the night. No luck yet.

2. My white trash chicken empire. Yeah, it looks bad. Most of those ratty old enclosures will go when my flock is whittled down.

3. The front. Needs a strim. Kitty!

4. The Bin. The bin-raiding villain hasn’t been back for two days. I think I’m not leaving enough chicken food in for bait, but dammit I hate wasting the stuff. I left a bag out tonight.

And yes, I’ve seen Gigi, the wannabe mama. Saw her this morning. I leave food for her outside the ‘ole – which disappears, but our garden is mobbed with little birds (not to mention mice, etc.), so I can’t be sure it’s her eating it.

June 24, 2021 — 7:38 pm
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