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The new mower with the old mower in her arms

Yes, I broke down and bought a new one. Or Uncle B did. I didn’t think I was up to a carburetor disassembly (my hands still aren’t quite right).

(My blog knows I’m in England and would really like me to spell that carburretor).

Also, the old one had a hole in the rubber pumpy bulb thing and the cover to the air filter won’t stay on. It’s time, I guess.

I’m going to miss the old one, though. You can see how little it is compared to the new one (which is the current smallest one they make). With the plastic decking (no rust!) it was super light and maneuverable.

(My blog would really like me to spell that manoeuvrable).

The new one doesn’t have that rubber pumpy bulb thing. This concerns me. That was an important part of getting ‘er started on every other lawnmower I’ve owned so far. Do they really not need it no more?

June 2, 2021 — 7:37 pm
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