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Hm. Not really my style.

Etsy wants me to know this thing is so hot right now. I gather it’s a “super sized statement bag” – whatever that is. It’s blue, anyway.

I knew the wonderful website Regretsy was no longer with us (2009-2013). After a little poking around, I regret to inform you that an archive of it has never been put on the internet. The URL points to a coming soon placeholder, but no way to know how long it’s been there.

Not that this bag is Regretsy-worthy, it just put me in mind of one of my favorite reads, back in the day.

If you missed it, Regretsy was a delightful blog featuring the weirdest things found on Etsy. According to Wikipedia, when April Winchell started the site in 2009, she got 90 million hits in four days. What a thing to walk away from!

There’s a Regretsy-themed Reddit group, but it hasn’t been active in two years. There’s a small selection of posts curated here. There are other bits and pieces scattered across the web. But mostly, it’s gone – unless April decides to post the archive some day.

Oh, and so is Raquel Welch after a short illness. No, nobody had her.

February 15, 2023 — 7:54 pm
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