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Happy Thanksgiving!

horse drawn hearse

I give you this slideshow of 39 people, mostly celebrities, and their odd deaths. Many are too recent or too well known to be interesting. But how did I miss Christine Chubbuck, the Florida newsreader who committed suicide on-air in 1974? The Wikipedia article about her contains the greatest sentence in the English language:

She placed a .38 revolver in her bag of puppets and put it beneath her desk.

I definitely didn’t know Tennessee Williams choked to death on a bottle cap. He used to hold the cap in his teeth while he administered eyedrops. I think I knew that author Sherwood Anderson died of peritonitis after swallowing a toothpick. And everybody knows Isadora Duncan strangled to death in a tragic wardrobe malfunction when her silk scarf wrapped around the wheel of her convertible.

Shucks, here are a few more ways to die.

There! Now you have something to be grateful for! Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2007 — 7:05 am
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