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Enas Yorl for the win! Now: ROUND TWO





Ted Kennedy has shuffled off this mortal wotsit, and leave us hope he is somewhere on the astral plane, right this minute, ‘splaining himself to Mary Jo Kopechne.

That was quick, wasn’t it? I thought he was holding his own so far.

Well, that’s Enas Yorl for the win. Dude, send me your mailing address, and the fabulous can of Heinz Bangers ‘n’ Beanz is headed your way (I had your address once, didn’t I? Well, I lost it. After jotting it down next to the mirror in all the ladies’ rooms in Rhode Island, natch).

Right. As soon as I find a suitably impressive new fabulous prize, we’ll kick off Round Two.  



UPDATE: I guess it’s on. If y’all want to go ahead and make your picks, we’ll do it in this thread. I’ll work out the fabulous prize later.

One pick per person; first come, first served. Any famous person will do. Doesn’t have to be anyone you WANT dead, unless that enhances your personal Dead Pool experience.

UPDATE: And the fabulous prize is…!

say it, don’t spray it

August 26, 2009 — 7:02 am
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