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They’re doomed now

Got a long email from my big brother today. I have one of Those Brothers (haven’t you?).

Turns out, he’s been hanging with one of the Occupy crowds. Well, he was a full-time resident, but his tent blew away (perfecto!), so he’s strictly a day patient now. I’d love to post the email; it’s hilarious. All about shutting down Bank of America and free cheese danish.

I did an images search looking for pictures of him, without any luck. He’s not camera-shy, so I’m guessing he has a full-time minder in charge of For God’s Sake Keeping That Loopy Old Bozo Away from the Media.

He was particularly chuffed about the marching. The marching and the cheese danish. If they let him wear a special hat to march, while eating free cheese danish, it would probably be the most awesome thing in his whole life, ever.

Oh, there’s no harm in him at all. My mother was the first to call him Baby Huey, which is so perfectly, hilariously apt, I can’t tell you.

Also, when your mother thinks up mean junk to call you, that there’s a bad sign.

December 12, 2011 — 10:42 pm
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