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Well. That’s not how I had planned spending tonight.

I monitor the work account from home and got a message that someone had pinched a photo to use on our company website. A message from the photographer we pinched it from, alas.

These things can get nasty. I mean, I don’t blame photographers for being upset — the internet is still the Wild West, and people steal like the wind. I’m sure it’s frustrating trying to make a penny off your intellectual property and having to chase it all over cyberspace.

I borrow stuff all the time for the blog and I can only recall receiving a takedown once. On the other hand, the mutilations I inflict on other people’s work may well (ironically) count as transformative. In other words, by pissing all over them, I may succeed in making them legally mine.

But anyway, I’m just a weasel and a company is a company. I heard a horror story last year about a historic society similar to ours who paid a few thousand to get rid of an angry photog.

Not me. I just did my best grovel and made it go away. I grovel real good. It’s that Southern bullshit thing.

I like the pic. I did an images search of “weasel cringe” and got this. And yes, it is mine — from 2011. It still feels weird when I turn up my own stuff on a search.

March 28, 2018 — 9:17 pm
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