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Got ‘im

Found the walking stick with the head of Dante that I saw twice last year. Mitchell reckoned if I saw it again, he wouldn’t mind having it.

Same dodgy dude as last year, but maybe not the same stick. He said he had a number of stick heads and he would occasionally jam one on an available stick. He showed me four un-sticked brass dog heads with birds in their mouths. This is his last Dante.

Might be the same, though. I recognized some of his stock from before.

Anyway, it cost me £30 – a fair enough price for a stick ’round these parts – but I’m totally happy to add it to my stick collection if you decide against. Let me know.

Wednesday is my off day and I spent it in the garden watching YouTubes on my phone. My current favs are bodycam footage of really, really drunk people being arrested. The looks on their faces when the cop they’ve been screaming “fucking asshole” at for ten minutes snaps the first cuff on.

Many such channels.

Unfortunately, a goodly proportion of them don’t show drunks – or not merely drunk – but people who are having clear psychotic breaks, or frequent flyers who are permanently ill and in trouble. Sad to watch.

I don’t know what we do with those people, but letting them wander around throwing punches and getting arrested isn’t it.

September 6, 2023 — 7:36 pm
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