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Old age is a pig

So Diane Feinstein has left the Senate, the only way she was ever going to go. I don’t know much about her track record. I assume she was an egregious lefty just because of her constituency, but it’s all moot now. God speed, ma’am.

Speaking of egregious lefties, Newsom Gavin has vowed to appoint a black woman. Is that the most insulting thing you’ve ever heard? Imagine being the appointee.

“Hello, Ms Black Woman. Don’t bother with your résumé, I’m sure you’re the best candidate. Because black. And woman.”

Still, I suppose people who trade in identity politics don’t see the problem.

Too late for the Dead Pool this week, obviously. Congrats to Nana1 (I gather. I haven’t double checked yet). See you next week and hope your favorite pick doesn’t die on you before then!

Good weekend!

September 29, 2023 — 6:57 pm
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