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I hope he has a bellyache

In case it isn’t obvious in my potatophone pic, you’re looking at a bar of soap three-quarters eaten by the nibbling of tiny teeth. Mouse, we think. Uncle B saw one in the area. In which case, this would represent several times his body weight in soap.

He must be pooping Tide pods.

For all we know, this was happening over a long period of time and we only now noticed. It wasn’t the active bar of soap. Worst part: it’s on the shelf with our toothbrushes *grimace*. Not really a place you want to put down poison. Or a trap, for that matter.

Why do they always go for the soap? My family had a hunting cabin in the Appalachians, and we always turned up to find any left-behind bars looking like this.

June 3, 2024 — 7:25 pm
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