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Important life lessons

Playing 7th Guest has reminded me of something: I really, really hate puzzles. I consider them the cost of being allowed to explore. Fortunately, you’re allowed to spend points to skip puzzles if you’re really put out by one. I’m sure there’s a trophy for not spending any points, but screw that.

One of the funnest bits are the 140 paintings scattered around the haunted house. They all have an alternative version you see if you shine your flashlight on them. Some of them made me bark with laughter.

This guy says he did about half of them (gallery at the link). I don’t think he’s the guy who did my favorites though. The really good ones do a bangup job matching the style of the original art.

Pity. I wanted to get in touch with my guy and tell him, “son, count your blessings. You will never again have this much fun and get paid to do it.”

Have a good weekend!

June 7, 2024 — 6:45 pm
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