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Dammit, Carl!


I was really hoping someone would win dick with Ian Brady. Carl picked him, but forgot he’d made a pick earlier in the Dead Pool, so no soap. Damn.

Brady was the driving half of the Moors Murderers, a famous and horrible British true crime from the Sixties. He dead. At last.

The reel-to-reel recording of 10-year-old Leslie Ann Downey pleading for her life is still regarded as the most upsetting evidence ever revealed in a British courtroom. (Don’t worry – the transcript’s been out there for years, but the audio won’t be allowed to escape until we’re all safely gone).

Of the two, Myra Hindley was always more a hate object. Brady was a sexual sadist and wannabe Nazi, but he was undeniably screw loose. Hindley, though — her only motivation was to stand by her man. She did those horrible things without having a taste for horrible things.

I don’t think she ever really understood what the fuss was about. She went to her grave complaining that the famous mugshot (upper right) was so unflattering. So I guess she clearly had a screw loose, too — she just seems more evil to his sick, somehow.

When she died in 2002, there were people who were and had been agitating hard for her release for years, including obligatory celebrities. And this, chilrun, is why I favor the death penalty.

Today’s gut fact: a NYT article on a guy who gave up soap in favor of deliberately colonizing his skin with beneficial bacteria.


Comment from Ric Fan
Time: May 16, 2017, 10:08 pm

There is a police helicopter overhead. Usually, they just go in ever widening circles and then fly off but this one has been going around for a half hour now. It’s annoying. Use to get a lot of them and in the middle of the night before 3 strikes. I guess they are back due to the lefty loons letting all the criminals out of prison early. smh

I saw that Lord Longsford movie which I thought was pretty good tho I am the anti Longsford. Myra fooled him and others. She had a great set up in prison. Her cell was more like an apt. Plus, she was banging a female guard who tried to help her escape. I just with she and her and Brady had not lived so long. They never were going to tell where they buried there victims.

Comment from Uncle Al
Time: May 16, 2017, 11:32 pm

Stoatie, I am wholeheartedly in the camp with those who want creatures such as these dead. I am opposed, however, to the court imposing the death penalty upon conviction. In my view, the death penalty should be imposed by the intended victim of a violent crime at the time of the attempt. Self-defense, in other words.

I have two reasons for this position. First is based on the philosophy of govt concept of power derived by the consent of the governed as Jefferson laid it out in the U.S. Declaration of Independence. To me, this means that govt cannot have any power that I don’t agree to its having. I cannot logically or morally delegate a power to some other person or institution that I do not have myself. I do not have the right, nor should I, to imprison someone indefinitely well after he is no longer any threat and then kill him. Therefore I cannot tell the govt that it may do what I may not do.

The second reason is purely utilitarian (and consequently secondary to the first reason). Govt is people, and people are fallible. If someone is convicted in error and imprisoned, there is some measure, certainly inadequate, of compensation that can be made when the mistake is corrected and he is freed. If he’s dead, that’s not possible.

But, as they proverbially say in Texas, there are some people who just need killin’. It’s just a matter of who pulls the trigger and when.

Comment from Tom
Time: May 17, 2017, 9:48 am

Yep, I’m in favor of the some folks need killin’ point of view.

I’ve never understood the, “Well, just because this person willfully killed someone doesn’t mean we have the right to kill them.” attitude. Of course it bloody does! If the state takes someone, like Ian Brady (spit), and imprisons him for life, the state is essentially saying that the lives of the victims were worthless, similar to imprisoning a rapist or violent bank robber. Executing a murderer is the state quite unequivocably saying that every citizens life is worth a great deal, the life of their murderer in fact.

The other thing to remember is that just because murderers are locked up doesn’t mean they’re made safe. They still kill other inmates, and guards. Do their lives not matter as well?

Having said that, the current systems in place around the U.S. can be horribly administered. I’m in favor of the Andrew Klavan approach. Once a person is convicted of a death penalty level crime the case is handed over to a neutral board to search only for evidence exonerating the convicted person. They’ve got a year to do it and that’s all they do. He proposed it on his podcast so he didn’t go into the weeds of work-a-day policy, you’d actually need a board with quite a few investigators to handle all the potential capital crimes but the theory, I think, stands up.

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: May 17, 2017, 2:48 pm

I don’t think that’s a proverb in Texas Uncle Al, I’m pretty sure it’s a statement of fact.

There’s some people who just need the trigger pulled on them, child molesting murdering monsters share a top spot on that list.
Ya don’t ‘fix’ a rabid animal, you put it down.
Not much difference to me, except it ain’t the animals fault it went rabid, so I can feel some sympathy for them.

I avoided reading any of those articles, the headlines were enough for me.

Comment from Ric Fan
Time: May 17, 2017, 5:58 pm

Da Bees are all over the UK: Huge swarm of millions of BEES swarm a London street at rush hour


Comment from durnedyankee
Time: May 17, 2017, 6:49 pm

@Ric – just saw that (I had the link ready to paste).

This is all Oprah’s fault – her and her free bees!
“And you get stung! and YOU get stung! and you! and you!”

but seriously, I’m sure it’s something Trump did, and he should be impeached for it! Then Hillary can be President!(because in the minds of the deranged, that’s how it will work).

Comment from Ric Fan
Time: May 17, 2017, 7:52 pm

Actually, their wet dream is:
Trump gets impeached.
Pence gets impeached.
Hatch is potus & appoints Hillary as VP.
Hatch resigns.
Hillary is potus.

They are that effing crazy.

Comment from durnedyankee
Time: May 17, 2017, 8:22 pm

Ryan is before Hatch – Paul’s a weasel but they’ll have to impeach him too before they get to the Hatch fantasy world.

Do you remember when Al Haig was “in charge” (in his mind) for 15 minutes back in the day?

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