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Stop laughing at me!

This time of year, our garden is full of laughter. Well, laughing frogs. Also known as the Hungarian marsh frog.

As the name implies, they are not native. They were deliberately imported into a garden in Ashford in the Thirties, from whence they spread to Romney Marsh and thence west from ditch to pond unto our very garden. They never stray far from water.

The story is here.

If you would like to listen to four minutes and thirty three seconds of what this shit sounds like (and who wouldn’t?), be my guest.

Hello! Happy Monday. Everyone still here?


Comment from CantHarkMyCry
Time: April 27, 2020, 11:20 pm

Still here. Still healthy. Looking forward to emerging. . .

Comment from QuasiModo
Time: April 27, 2020, 11:50 pm

Still here…gonna do my first Walmart grocery pickup tomorrow (where you order online and show up and they load it in the trunk of your car)…hope it works okay, it’ll take a lot of load off of my local grocery store trips.

Comment from Uncle Al
Time: April 28, 2020, 12:41 am

We had a good bit of rain (with lightning and thunder, yay!) here in Sarasota County and it really woke up our froggies. I do love the croakers and peepers in the evening. Plus they eat bugs I don’t care for very much.

Yep, still here. My activity level has only modestly dropped due to the Chi-Com Flu, but Mrs. UA has been out of the house only once in the last five weeks (she has one of those “underlying medical conditions” that is particularly dangerous to pile a pulmonary virus on top of). We’re doing well, though. But greatly looking forward to the craziness to ebb, especially the much to be hoped for extinction of the Karens (apologies to anyone actually named Karen; I’m not speaking of you…unless you’re one of THOSE Karens, too).

edit p.s. — I’d much rather have exotic frogs than our exotic Burmese pythons.

Comment from DurnedYankee
Time: April 28, 2020, 1:05 am

I’m a lumberjack!
We’re okay
We sleep all night
and we eat all day

I chainsaw trees
I shred the limbs
Mrs D makes me
plant flowers
I’m dressed in dayglo orange
but we can’t go to bars.

For some reason we can go to restaurants that serve booze
but we can’t go to places that only serve booze.

They’re in full theater mode now with phased lifting
of their overblown precautions.
Because none of the politicians and none of the
medico’s with the model predictions(who are really medical bureaucrats) are EVER going to admit they over-reacted to this whole thing.

Instead they’ll tell us their quick actions saved
the millions that they told us would die. Three cheers
and a tiger for them!! They exacerbated a problem, then
pretended to solve it, and when it’s done, like a bunch
of idiots we’ll thank them for it.

The plaguey cruise ships didn’t ram the quay with the cold dead hand of the captain still clutching the wheel and the throttle, because this was never going to be more than a really really bad flu season. If it had been as bad as they swore it would be, the casualties from the cruise ships alone would easily rival the actual number dead in the UK.

Comment from OldFert
Time: April 29, 2020, 3:47 am

DY — You’re right identifying it as “full theater mode.”

Every place isn’t disease-ridden New York City.

I’m really tired of this silliness. I’ve got a right eye that needs surgery (intraocular lens slipped, needs to be removed and replaced). Not disabling (left eye can handle most tasks) so it’s elective surgery.

Just checked and the hospital is starting non-emergency/elective surgeries again. Yippee skippy!

Comment from DurnedYankee
Time: April 29, 2020, 3:31 pm

What troubles me is what ‘for our own good’ plans they have for the future.

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