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Eeee! My first celebrity endorsement

Many thanks to Pirate Ballerina for drawing attention to an humble weasel yesterday. PB is the blog for all things Ward Churchill (not fired yet!). Plus, related ethnic studies, fake indians and sock-puppetry. It’s been a favorite read of mine for some time.

Update: seeing Sissy in my logs reminded me that PB is my second celebrity endorsement. Sisu was the first. Good heavens — wouldn’t want to diss the furballs.

March 6, 2007 — 6:32 pm
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Damien Weasel, Cat Scientist (episode two, hydrology)


Damien is an ordinary gray stripey tom, but it’s interesting how much he shares with bengals. Bengals are a mix of some South American wild cat and ordinary gray stripeys…but I wonder how many of their famous weirdnesses they actually owe to the domestic side of their heritage? Damien’s fascination with water isn’t quite as powerful as a bengal’s, but I have to scrape him out of the sink to brush my teeth.

There’s a Norwegian guy on YouTube who’s filmed his bengals a lot. He caught them making peculiar chattering noises at birds out the window. Damien does this, too. I think of it as mimeenking — it sounds like he’s saying “mee…mee.” The “M” sound is rather hard for cats, as I learned when I caught my mother trying to teach the family cat to say “Mama.” It’s a noise Damien makes when he knows he can’t reach something interesting; like a fly buzzing around at ceiling level, or me, tapping on the window from outside. It’s a frustration sound.

— 8:06 am
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