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I got nothin’

I drew my least favorite sort of a job today — I have to build a multimedia dingus for a trade show on a tight deadline. It has all the elements I like least in a job: work, labor, toil, effort…all areas in which I’m constitutionally disadvantaged to excel.

Plus, it’s a trade show. Those bastards are never willing to move dates to accomodate me. Blow a trade show, and I might as well rent a bulletin board to announce “I am SO fucking fired!”

So I didn’t get much time today to visit with you, my imaginary friends who live in the computer. Please, share my supper with me.

I love shrimp. But I hate peeling them. I always look down at the chitinous exoskeleton and all the little legs and think, “sweet mustache of Jesus! I’m eating bugs!!!”

March 15, 2007 — 6:49 pm
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