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friday twennysebbun


At five thirty a.m., a truck travelling on 128N/93S kicked up a sewer grate into the windshield of the car behind. The driver got a faceful of metal and was medevac’ed away. Because those grates had been worked on all week by a state contractor, a hefty liability issue can be assumed. The whole area was therefore treated as a crime scene. Hence, the main ringroad around Beantown was shutdown for twelve hours. I mean, twelve hours from Home to Home for an weasel, which is all I care about. I got it coming and going. I have been inhaling air condition and exhaling profanity all day long.

Do your worst. I fear nothing.

July 27, 2007 — 8:07 pm
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AFK today

I’m in an all-day, computerless ‘team building’ meeting in Boston today. I’m not really a team weasel, so this might take a while.

Please not to be trashing the place.

— 6:11 am
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