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We the Weasels…


Yeah, the Fourth of July is not usually one of my big holidays. Too damn hot for me. But this year, it’s downright chilly around here. This has been the coldest Summer ever, so far. If it keeps up like this, they’ll have to talk about it — whether they have their hearts set on a warming trend or not.

Anyhoo, I’ve just finished a steak and a baked potato and slaw and a beer. The beer was British, which didn’t seem quite right, but it’s my favorite. Bite me, King George! Lush that I am, I never drink in the daytime, so I feel quite naughty. Lookit me! Drinking a beer! Before five!

Now for a nap. God bless America! (I said that just to confuse Dawn. And I didn’t get hit by lightning or any

July 4, 2007 — 2:07 pm
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