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That’s him. That’s the little freak on my toilet paper.

I actually started the evening trying to find out why Bounty paper towels are called Plenty here. Turns out, Proctor and Gamble sold Bounty to SCA, a Swedish company, who decided to rebrand it. But, frankly, it looks EXACTLY the same, except it says “Plenty.”

Oh, and it’s two inches shorter. Because kitchen roll is smaller than paper towels.

Anyhow, it turn out SCA also owns Velvet, our house TP. And they’re in the process of rebranding that, for some reason. Let’s hope they get rid of Buttwipe Boy in the process.

SCA bought up Charmin in the deal, too. Which Uncle B says was a serious mistake, as — for some damn reason — Charmin clogged toilets up and down this green and pleasant land.

And that’s where I found this, which is some kind of promotional dealie for Charmin that’s, like, all New York City and pee jokes. Don’t get it.

I know. Lame post. I’m all bummed because I was set to watch the first online live famous brain dissection tonight, but either the server’s down or jammed or they’re blocking the UK.

No, really.

December 2, 2009 — 7:08 pm
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