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You guys are the swellest!

Look what you got me for Christmas!

See, I brought my muscular desktop computer across the Atlantic, but not my funky old monitor. I promised myself a nice big flatscreen — as soon as I made enough money to pay for it. And now (thanks to what Uncle B laughingly calls my t-shirt empire) I have.

I intended to wait a little longer, but the big P’shops I’ve been doing for print are straining my poor old scruffy Thinkpad to its limits. Oh, and umm…sorry if I burned out anybody’s retinas. The screen on this laptop is so dull, I had NO IDEA how painfully I’ve been super-saturating color on the merchandise. Thank goodness the blog is in monochrome.

Anyway, thank you all very much. I’ll lay off’n you guys now. My next store is going to be aimed at crazy cat ladies.

Oh, yes. Yes, I am that low.

December 30, 2009 — 5:50 pm
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