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More bloggy boringness…

Sorry, y’all. I got wadded up tonight trying to figure out what’s wrong with my RSS feed. I think the hinky feed my be screwing me up with some listing and tracking sites.

I got, like, twelve thousand hits on the WordPress support forum for “broken RSS feed” but none seem to match my conditions exactly (no error message, okay in some readers but not others). I’m working my way down the list.

So far, the most common problem seems to be that blank lines at the beginning and end of some .php files kill the feed and must be removed, file by file. WordPress is made up of dozens of .php files. Somebody wrote a plug-in that cleans up everything automagically, but that person let his or her domain registration lapse at the beginning of December, so it’s undownloadable.

Why does fixing glitches always go like this?

The main problem is, I find the whole business unbearably dull. And my brain is like Teflon™ for boringness.

December 21, 2009 — 7:59 pm
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