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And the winner is…

Election night, we had a little contest: guess the makeup of the 112th Congress. Contestants guessed the final number of GOP in the House and the Senate as separate numbers, the difference between the two added up would be the final score. The prize was dick, of course. It’s always dick.

I was going to post everybody’s guesses so y’all could see I really did do my homework and tot them all up (and so’s you could check if I missed anything), but then I realized that our outsized exuberance on that evening might be a little sad, seen growing smaller in the rearview mirror. So, ummm…figures released upon request.

The final tally is: 242 Pubbies in the House, 47 in the Senate (I’m counting Murky red).

Without further blah-blah-blah, the winner is: Some Vegetable! With a pick of 240/47 and, therefore, a score of 2. Monotone The Elderish matched that score with a guess of 243/48, but lost the timestamp. Some Veg was the very first guess, and the closest.

Congratulations, Veg! You know what to do if you want your dick.

Thanks for playing, folks, and have a great weekend.

December 10, 2010 — 11:35 pm
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