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Frozen in mid-weasel

We weren’t supposed to get the travel chaos down here. This little corner of the Sunny South was predicted to be cold and bright. We had plans to take a train along the coast for the heck of it.

Long about noon, we looked up to see blizzard conditions. Total white-out. Couldn’t see to the end of the drive.

The chickens — which, for reasons explicable only to chickens, are absolutely terrified of snow — were huddled under a table in the garden. They were so paralyzed with fear, they allowed me to pick them up and carry them to the hen house without the usual clucking fuss.

It was wild. Standing in the garden, I could see sun and blue sky in one direction, apocalyptic cloud and squally snow in another, and an improbable bright moon hanging over it all.

Damn, we do get some weird weather here.

When it passed, it had only dumped an inch or so, so we decided to drive into town for staples. Mistake. They hadn’t done much to treat the roads and the bit of slush had refrozen to a glaze of wet ice. Pretty much friction free. We watched people and cars slip-sliding all over town, turned right around and got our chilly asses home.

They say warmer and heavy rain tomorrow. Do we believe them, children?

December 17, 2010 — 10:33 pm
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