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If only there was SOME kind of…visual clue



You know that montage of terrorist suspect mugshots that Michelle Malkin publishes every time there’s a new outbreak of Islamic dumbassery? It’s a great visual, but whenever I see it, I itch to Photoshop it into tidier shape.

So I did.

I know, I know — this leetle one isn’t legible. Here’s a big version (576 x 2226 and 360K) and a smaller version (300 x 1160 and 150K). Nice and color.

Feel free to suggest corrections or additions (I can’t believe the Shoe Bomber and the Panty Bomber weren’t in the original!) — and, as usual, you can steal it, edit it (.psd file available on request, ~6 megs), forward it to your favorite anti-profiling lefty, make it your Christmas Card for 2010. Whatever. Merry Christmas!

I walked down the list and Googled every single one of these guys to make sure I had the correct spelling and there weren’t better mugshots available, arranged in reasonably chronological order. I think it’s pretty clean, barring typos.

You know, it’s striking how many of these mooks were turned in by fellow Muslims. Notes passed to the FBI in broken English, clearly written by somebody else in the same immigrant group. Somebody who declined to join the jolly Jihad.

That’s the one thing that troubles me when I go all nanny-nanny-boo-boo on Islam. I don’t mind offending a billion people — that’s easy! And I think a big, fat dose of ridicule is exactly what these jihadi jack-holes are begging for.

But I sure don’t want to do anything to discourage those who rat out their evil brothers.











December 15, 2010 — 11:21 pm
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