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Okay, but this time, I’m driving

Arrrr…I’ve just spent an hour on the phone to my elderly father trying to talk him through a YouTube search. It’s such a shame…dude was a huge gadget and technology guy back in the day. If the internet had hit him a little earlier in life, he’d have been all over it.

Oh, he’s not senile. He’s doped up and crabby and hears that clock ticking all the time. As in, “consarnit, how many dubyas I got to poke before I git pitchers?”

Between you and me, I bet anything he worked out how to get porn years ago.

Anyhow…this happen to you? Leave the door open, and the next thing you know, the car is full of stray cats.

February 2, 2012 — 11:02 pm
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