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That is so effing French

There is a pedestrian bridge in Paris over the Seine near the Louvre called the Pont des Arts. Here, lovers come to write their names on padlocks, clamp them to the bridge railings and fling the key into the river, an expression of undying lurv.

The railings are collapsing. Duh.

This is not an ancient tradition, it is a recent thing, a creation of social media. It’s spread from Paris to Moscow and New York and elsewhither. Different cities are dealing with it in different ways, mostly involving cutting them off.

I just love the idea of Parisian infrastructure collapsing under the weight of empty romantic gestures.

I’ve come to dislike the French since I moved here. It’s not exposure to the English what’s done it, it’s exposure to the French.

June 17, 2014 — 9:15 pm
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