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Wounded warrior

No, we’re not starting 2019 off with an injury. Jack got hurt before Christmas and is very much on the mend now, thenkyewverymuch.

Something clamped down on his back leg a couple of days before Christmas. I won’t describe the wound; it was gross. The vet thought a cat or dog, but it seems an awfully big hole for a cat and there are no strange dogs in our neighborhood.

Anyway, they wanted to perform surgery on him on Christmas Eve, but I didn’t allow it. If something were to go wrong, there would be no-one to turn to for two days. Last time they put him under, he woke up trippin’.(I was going to say trippin’ balls, but that seems kind of a mean way to describe a neutering).

We took him in as soon as the office was back open, and they conceded that he was healing nicely and probably wouldn’t need the surgery after all. At any rate, I’ve spent an otherwise delightful Christmas poking antibiotics down the cat.

Happy new year, y’all. If you didn’t see London’s fireworks, they were particularly good this time. Despite attempts to politicize them by making the London Eye look like the EU flag.

Oh, you want your moment of schadenfreude? Before the fireworks, the announcer called it the “Coca Cola London Eye.”


January 1, 2019 — 9:05 pm
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