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Dammit, EU…!

Every day, multiple times a day, the typical resident of the EU bumps into an EU reg, and it is never — IT IS NEVER — a good thing.

The General Data Protection Regulation came into force almost a year ago. This is the one where the mediocrities in Brussels thought to themselves, “wouldn’t it be nifty if we protected the privacy of our citizens?”

The result was a shit-ton of pointless new regulations. Every organization in the EU (including little ones like the historic society I work for) had to elect an Information Officer (that’s me!), pay a registration fee to the government (tax had to come into this somehow, yes?) and develop dozens of make-work policies and procedures to deal with the fact our members voluntarily gave us their mailing addresses when they signed on.

Naturally, this does nothing to curb serious information breaches by the usual suspects — banks, government agencies, social media and the like — but eats up the scarce resources of little orgs with pointless hamster-wheel exercises.

You can bet Brexiteers are people who have to deal with this shit, and Remainers have people who do it for them.

Oh, and then there’s this ^^^. About once a day, surfing the web, I run across a website from outside the EU that thought to itself, “fuck it — I can’t be bothered to comply with some overseas regulation I don’t understand. I’ll just block the whole continent!” Probably forever.

Thanks, faceless bureaucrats!

January 9, 2019 — 9:41 pm
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