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History’s slowest invasion force

In the last six weeks, hundreds of people — mostly men, mostly describing themselves as Iranian or Iraqi — have crossed the Channel in dinghies to land on their own or be picked up by our Coastguard. Which, of course, they do. And bring them here. Which, of course, is why they keep doing it.

Mostly next door in Kent, (that’s where Dover is), though a few washed up closer to home. We carefully lock doors these days.

Where are they getting the dinghies from? Why now? Why Iranians/Iraqis? Nobody knows. But at least they’re allowing us a lively discussion (see above).

Around 60 migrants are believed to have come ashore between December 23 and December 30 but reports from charities and refugees in Calais suggest the figures could be higher.

The Mail on Sunday reports that 66 migrants made it to Britain on Christmas Day alone.

Last month Home Secretary Sajid Javid declared a “major incident” over the number of migrants trying to cross the Channel to reach the UK.

Of the 504 migrants seeking to cross the English Channel in 2018, 276 managed to get to British waters and coasts, and 228 were intercepted by the French authorities.

If you haven’t seen anything on your news, not to worry — we haven’t much either. Except local sources.

They have to explain where all those abandoned dinghies on the beach are from after all.

January 7, 2019 — 8:24 pm
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