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Sneak and ye shall find

Interesting. Interesting.

The internet says Kaye Ballard died Monday night. Noob ‘little sister’ picked Ballard at 2:10 pm Monday. The timestamp is my time, probably. Meaning it was eight hours earlier than that, Kaye Ballard time.

It looks legit. It is either legit, or somehow very very sneaky (which is even better). Congratulations, little sister — you take the dick!

See you all back here tomorrow for the usual. 6pm WBT (which is 10am Dead Kaye Ballard Time). Dead Pool Round 118!

p.s. Stole the header graphic from the Kaye Ballard FaceBook group. No, I didn’t know there was one, either. In fact, I had totally forgotten there ever was such a person.

p.p.s. Maybe not so mysterious. A Kaye Ballard documentary came out last week and she mentioned her health wasn’t good.

January 24, 2019 — 9:24 pm
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