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For the Love of Cockroaches: Husbandry, Biology, and History of Pet and Feeder Blattodea

Hardcover – 18 Sep 2017
by Orin McMonigle (Author), Jonathan Lai (Foreword), Louis M. Roth (Contributor)

The amazing diversity of color and form in cockroaches around the world has rarely been displayed to the average animal enthusiast. Several well known species have been bred for decades as feeder insects for reptiles and other exotic pets, but there has only been a handful of dedicated blatticulturists keeping and breeding a wider range of species for sheer enjoyment. As exotic cockroaches receive more attention, more and more people are trying their hand at them, but with very little attention given to these creatures in the popular literature. That changes now, as Orin McMonigle shares his enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge in this new book, For the Love of Cockroaches. Orin provides experienced instruction for proper housing, feeding, and breeding cockroach species, followed by details on the many species available to enthusiasts (illustrated in full color). At 350 pages, this is the definitive cockroach manual for anyone branching out into these fascinating insects.

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Beautiful book and everything you need to know to keep cockroaches successfully
14 August 2016 – Published on Amazon.com
In my opinion, this is Orin McMonigles best book yet! It is enjoyable to read and look through and covers the basics of cockroach biology and their history with humankind. Most important, this book contains extensive information on keeping cockroaches as pets or as feeders for other pets — although if you start off keeping them only as feeders, I’ll bet these wonderful creatures will win you over into keeping them for their own sake as well. 😉 I have found the extensive species-specific information very interesting and helpful and am grateful that the author took the time to include photos of each species, as well as the many other beautiful photos throughout the book.

Highly recommended!
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I was only looking for an automatic chicken feeder.

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