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This is a Public Service Announcement

I lost my wallet! Spoiler: I got it back again. There it is, right there in the picture. I couldn’t bear to keep you guys in suspense.

Apparently, it fell out of my bag at the checkout line at Aldi yesterday. Which is in a wretched neighborhood. I was sweating this one. There are people in that supermarket for whom the bit of cash in my wallet would make all the difference this week.

But no. Staff had it and I got it back, with every penny.

But not until this morning, after I had cancelled all my credit cards. Count ’em: five.

I only use two of them, one credit and one debit. First lesson: maybe not carry all of them around, or even cancel a few. It’s a holdover from the days I tried to get as many lines of credit as possible to give myself a paper existence in a foreign country. At least I wasn’t carrying my passport around — I used to!

Second lesson: better records. I was fairly good about writing down the pertinent information and the process of contacting the banks is pretty easy (exception: boo Sainsbury’s Mastercard!), but it would have been even more painless if I had done something like photocopy the fronts and backs.

Third: I didn’t keep track of all the places online that I use them. The ones that I allow to keep the number, I mean. There’s Amazon, Ebay and PayPal and the rest…well, we’ll find out. And I’ll write it down this time.

Meanwhile, no tchotchkes for weasel 🙁

March 6, 2019 — 9:33 pm
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