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I’m having a weird week

Lost my wallet Tuesday. Woke up to a flat bike tire this morning.

Seemed the perfect time to raze my old XP machine to the ground and convert it to Linux. You may recall I pinched an ancient machine from work that was going in the bin. I use it in my little studio room to look at pictures of chickens and play YouTubes.

The pictures of chickens went fine, the YouTubes not so much. I upped it to 2 gig of ram, which helped, but not entirely. To be honest, I got sick of having a broken, ugly, insecure operating system that nobody supported.

I could have gone with one of those tiny Linuxes and I’m sure I would have gotten better performance, but I went with a 32-bit version of Mint and I don’t care. It looks nice, it’s tailored to work superficially much like Windows, so it’s easy. Chicken pictures look slick.

Still runs YouTubes like shite.

March 7, 2019 — 10:23 pm
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