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Gosh, is it Flying Ant Day again already?

One day only! Sexy flying ants!

No seriously, they can only fly one day a year. Then their wings drop off and they die. But, hey, first they get the biggest 24-hour orgy in all of insectitude!

I’ve posted about this before (photo: mine). Contrary to legend, it doesn’t happen on the same day all over Britain, but it tends to be a muggy day toward the end of July. Like what this is.

I haven’t seen any in East Sussex yet, but they’ve shown up in West Sussex. In fact, they’re showing up on radar in West Sussex. The Met Office thought it was rain at first, but they knew it was dry all along the South coast.

Do follow the link and see the radar (but be warned, it opens a Tweet).

July 18, 2019 — 8:32 pm
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