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So, this happened today

And I didn’t see it. Someone in the next village over phoned Uncle B to say a Zeppelin was headed this way and he ran out and took this picture. He phoned me and I ran out, too, but it was gone.

It was all over the South of England today. The account tweeted something about promoting motor sports, so I guess that’s what it was doing. You’d think the promotion would work better if they actually told you what they were promoting, but what do I know?

Brits don’t have a happy association with Zeppelins flying overhead (note it actually says “Zeppelin” on the tail fin). But after hopping up and down and shaking sticks at it, they were happy to have driven it off.

There are four Goodyear blimps and this one is Europa. They have a fun website, including a time-lapse of one being built (I love time-lapse photography).

If you want to see this one up close and in color, there you go.

July 1, 2021 — 7:12 pm
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