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Wasted on me

I bought a pair of these for £1 off a junk table in the market (fingers for scale). It’s a British Navy thing. The pages of these two are completely blank – not ruled or anything – but also not written upon.

I don’t know what sort of notes the navigating officer was supposed to take, but I found references to detailed notes of WWII naval engagements.

This one on Ebay had fourteen sketches from on board various ships. In the end, it sold for £6.50, which made me sad. What people value, eh?

Anyway, I bought them thinking I’d use them as sketch books, but I can’t bring myself to sully them. So they’ll probably go in a box somewhere and ultimately end up back on the junk table of a market. Best case.

Have a good weekend, folks! Wait…you mean…I don’t have to go to work tomorrow?

July 9, 2021 — 6:55 pm
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