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Balls and mice. This amuses me, because I’m just that low and immature. Yes, of course I bought it – with my accumulated points as a frequent shopper.

That’s one of the few things we’ll willingly embrace from the new normal: ordering cat food in bulk online. It’s cheaper, we only have to think about it once a month, and these guys are superb – I ordered £50 worth of stuff yesterday afternoon and I had it by this afternoon.

We’ll probably continue our basic grocery shopping by weekly order, too – if supermarkets continue the service (they always swore they lost money on delivery). Having someone else haul multiple 2-liter bottles of fizzy water to the door is a no brainer. Then we can swan around like Lord and Lady Whositz and buy the fun stuff in person.

Out of curiosity – to work out how they got my stuff here so fast – I looked the company up. They do have an in-country depot (though it’s like 200 miles away), but I was surprised to see they’re headquartered in Germany!

That explains why all their stuff is labelled in German before English. I bought a Katzenspielzeug-set, y’all! (Sadly, that means “cat play set” and not “balls and mice”).

July 14, 2021 — 6:12 pm
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