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Muh new gooseberry stool

The gooseberries are ripe and I need a new gooseberry stool. Gooseberries, if you’ve never picked them, have wicked sharp thorns. And, to add insult to injury, they have to be topped and tailed before they can be frozen. They’re an all-around pain in the ass.

I mean, a gooseberry crumble on a cold Winter’s afternoon is a lovely thing, but a gooseberry bush in July not so much.

I have a really nice wood and leather artist’s field stool, but it lost a round-headed nut. One of these:




I brought it from the States so it’s almost certainly imperial and my chances of correctly replacing it – even if I drag the whole stool around with me – are slim.

That, incidentally is called an acorn nut. And I know this because in my travels, I stumbled across the very informative Boltscience Glossary.

See? This post isn’t as lame as you thought.

Or is it???

July 13, 2021 — 8:54 pm
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