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Meet the new mascot!


“Hello friends!” Yeah, I found this pretty girl on a bad taxidermy site. Duh. I wasn’t actually looking for bad taxidermy, I was looking for nice pictures of weasels (as you do).

Like this one. That tumblr claims ‘mustela’ means ‘long mouse’. I can see that.

I absolutely freaking hate politics at the moment, so I’ve been avoiding the whole thing in favor of chicken blogging. I hate every single one of the candidates, I hate all the issues. I hate that the infighting is nastier than the outfighting. I’m going to hate the next POTUS. Oh, and I have a sneaking suspicion Britain is staying in the EU, which I hate.

When it comes to politics, I consider myself a happy poo-flinging monkey. And I am not happy right now.

April 18, 2016 — 10:02 pm
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It’s here!


This thing: hugely controversial mailer the gov’t has sent around to every household in Britain. Controversial not least because it cost umpty-ump million pounds to print (and the printer was German).

Excuse brevity. My keyboard was getting gummy, so I made the hugely boneheaded decision to try and clean it up Sunday afternoon. I have completely lost the period key (I’m using the one on the numpad) and intermittently missing right shift, comma, spacebar and enter. The rest of the keys work just fine if you bang them like a gorilla.

This makes typing ever so much fun. I have a new one on order, but it won’t be here before tomorrow, at the very earliest.

April 11, 2016 — 7:58 pm
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More eyes


So yesterday, Uncle B asks if I’d looked at my checking account lately. I say no and he says go look. And this was on the front page of Lloyd’s bank.

The urge to write “now, some of my best friends…” or “of course, what happens between two consenting adults…” or “well, I’m surely no prude…” is powerful. The instinct to conform to the zeitgeist is mighty and, these days, the consequences of stepping out of line can be swift and severe.

But I’m not going to do that because I’m angry.

This is not their job. They’re my bank. We have a business relationship. They’re supposed to do things that appeal to me as a customer, not lecture me on social justice. There is a lot — I mean a real lot — of this going on in advertising over here at the moment. Please god we’re reaching peak SJW.

Related: this guy says he invented the term “virtue signalling” and tracks its spread.

March 16, 2016 — 10:48 pm
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Just for fun…


Heh. Deborah HH suggested this pitcha in the previous thread comments. I had fun making it.

Problem is, I don’t think Che would object, I don’t think Bernie would object and I don’t think Bernie’s supporters would object. And, honestly, if a picture isn’t mean-spirited and off-pissing, it kinda ruins the game.

March 15, 2016 — 8:39 pm
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Inspirational quotes


Angry eyes in the picture belong to serial killer Carl Panzram (1891–1930). Ordinarily, it isn’t necessary to explain that a serial killer is a bad person, but Panzram is pretty much in his own little world of evil badness. Theft, arson, murder and sodomy. Lots and lots of sodomy. He claimed he didn’t like sodomy all that much, but it was a terrific put-down.

Doesn’t really pass the smell test, does it?

Anyway, they caught him and hanged him, eventually. As they were putting the noose around his neck, he spat in the face of the executioner and uttered this famous quotation: “I wish the entire human race had one neck and I had my hands around it!”

I find that catchy phrase coming to mind more and more often of late, in different contexts. Like, “I wish the entire European Parliament had one neck and I had my hands around it!” and “I wish everybody running for President of the United States had one neck and I had my hands around it!” and “I wish every single lying sack of shit in the media had one neck and I had my hands around it!”

Try it! It’s fun!

p.s. his other famous quotation is “In my lifetime I have murdered 21 human beings, I have committed thousands of burglaries, robberies, larcenies, arsons and, last but not least, I have committed sodomy on more than 1,000 male human beings. For all these things I am not in the least bit sorry.”

Please don’t try that one.

March 14, 2016 — 10:06 pm
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G’bye, Buddy


Well, well…Buddy Cianci died today. Probably the most corrupt politician I’ve lived under. When I first moved to Providence, there were dark rumors going around about him, and the following year he was arrested — for, if I remember correctly, kidnapping a state trooper, tying him to a chair and putting a cigar out on his chest.

Anyway, in or out of prison, the people of Rhode Island were happy to elect him over and over again. Six times. He was a much beloved figure, despite everything, not completely without reason. This obit catches the flavor of him pretty well.

Many thanks to reader Formerly Known as Skeptic for letting me know. And thanks to Buddy for giving me something to post about tonight — been out drinkin’ with the neighbors and just got in.

January 28, 2016 — 11:45 pm
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An environment minister who makes sense


Tee hee. Swedish TV channel accidentally slaps subtitles from a kids’ show onto a political debate.

Maybe. It’s an Imgur link, so I wouldn’t put my hand on my heart. Clickworthy, though.

And I ain’t doing nothing the big guys ain’t. Have you noticed how many mainstream news sites — particularly click-whorehouses like the Daily Mail — are scraping a big chunk of their content from social media? That you already saw hours ago?

Meanwhile, social media and legacy media are working together with governments to help ban ban ‘hate speech’. You know, “I don’t want to live next door to a Syrian” and like that.

Late at night…when all is still…if you listen very carefully…you can hear the bonds of civil society creak and groan.

January 20, 2016 — 11:00 pm
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In case you missed it…


Down in the sleigh ride thread, I pointed to this charming story: Sweden, asked to take in the highest per-capita number of refugees, has had to stuff six hundred of the buggers into an empty ski resort in the far North of Lapland. This time of year, the temp is 14°F and the sun never shines. Like, ever.

All the stories about it obviously derive from the same source story (this particular one is from the National Post of Canada). I strongly suspect the whining has been dialed down several notches. Also LOL at the one refugee who worries this will queer his hopes of studying physics at university. That right there encapsulates the hopes and dreams of migrants everywhere, I’m sure.

The weather here, meanwhile. Well. Horrifying pictures coming from the North, and now the West. Our little sunny corner of the motherland is the only part of the country to escape, though we’ve had wind and rain and unseasonable warmth aplenty.

And wind from odd quarters, which means leaks in odd places.

That looks like something that should be cross-stitched on a sampler.

December 30, 2015 — 10:41 pm
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The gift of passive-aggression


I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve lost interest in websites that don’t allow comments. Especially news sites. Especially news sites that I’m are going to piss me off royally (I’m looking at you, Daily Telegraph).

The comments are my favorite part. I don’t want to swallow a load of bullshit without the antidote handy.

Or, if the comment system is too onerous (I’m looking at you, Daily Mail), at the very least let me take out my passive-aggression with a rating system.

To that end — and Merry Christmas! — I’m test-driving a ratings plugin for the blog. It’s got all kinds of nifty options: stars, thumbs, vote once or vote infinite times. You can have a look at the possibilities here.

I think I’ve got it set to vote once a day, stars on the post and thumbs on the comments. For now. Honestly, they weren’t all that monochrome-friendly in their options (she harrumphed).

Let’s play around with it for a couple of weeks over the holidays, and then I’ll nail it down and stop clearing the cache.

The Official Merry Ho Ho Open Threadapaloozala

I was going to squeeze out a few more posts this week, but my heart’s not in it. G’wan witcha, knock yourselves out in this one.

To get the conversation re-rolling, have you seen this Telegraph bit? Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee’s white paper proposing a thing he called the World Wide Web. He said it was going to be a place where all sorts of people posted a bunch of content totally for free and let other people link to it totally for free. True story: I read that paper when it came out and thought it was the stupidest pile of implausible fantasy hippie crap I ever heard.

Don’t ever take investment advice from me.

December 21, 2015 — 8:04 pm
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Beardy weirdy


Okay, okay…you guys were right about the beard. He didn’t grow one; this dude is obviously Evil Paul Ryan from the alternate universe.

December 17, 2015 — 8:17 pm
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