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Three hens, one nest

I did a political ‘Shop tonight, but it sucked, so please enjoy some chicken porn instead.

Yes, there is another, empty nest box right next to this one. Chickens don’t care. They’re natural conservatives. (That’s poor Vita top left, with only her tail showing. The rest of her is buried somewhere under the other two pushy old birds).

I had another talk with a local chook breeder today. She’s had a good hatching this time. Possibilities we would be interested in include black, chocolate and lemon (my, that sounds delicious). It’ll be another month before they’re old enough to tell the girls from the boys and take them out from under the heat lamps. That’s the earliest we can bring a couple home.

Oooo, the anticipation…

May 15, 2013 — 11:03 pm
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