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Lookit the laaambs…!

We call these guys the Light Brigade. Our property is bounded on one end by a stream (it’s actually a drainage ditch, but that sounds uglier than it is. Swans breed in it, dammit). When the sun falls on the far bank in the afternoon, ten or twenty lambs go tear-assing down the bank bomb-be-de-bomb-be-de-bomb-be-de. Then, about ten seconds later, they come tear-assing back up again. Hours at a time.

Lambovision. I took this picture from the comfort of my lawn chair, no fooling. Only, not today. Today sucked.

I just couldn’t leave everyone staring at a political Photoshop all weekend. The dawning realization that the government is run — literally, as Biden would say — by a bunch of union thugs is just too much to bear.

Lambs instead. Good weekend, everyone.

May 17, 2013 — 10:02 pm
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