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Oh, yeah, there were a BUNCH of these tank models at the country fair. They’re big, like getting on for three feet long, and radio controlled. Even the little model people are animated (which freaked the hell out of me because I didn’t know until I bent over for a closer look and one turned to look back at me. Cheeky tank model owner guy).

Shame they don’t run on gas; they’re easily be big enough to ride.

Anyway, they all apparently come from Russia. It’s a thing. So the only models you can get are Russian or German tanks. You want American or British, you have to buy the chassis and make the outer bits yourself.

I didn’t intend to fob you off with country fair pictures all week. Fayre, actually. I’m embarrassed to admit they spelled it Fayre. But every time I’ve looked in on the news this week, I’ve thought, “Nah.”

May 30, 2013 — 10:24 pm
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