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Hey, baby

‘Member this face? The burbling sunbaby from the Teletubbies? Well, she’s a nineteen year old college student now. Click the pic to see her all growed up. (No, it’s not a rickroll or anything, just a picture of a nineteen year old girl with an oddly familiar face).

The Teletubbies were new when I first started coming to the UK, and I got hooked. The UK version was much stranger than what it turned into when they brought it to the US (I can just see Children’s Television Workshop frowning at the screen, “but that wasn’t educational. It didn’t even make sense!”).

In my defense, I spent nearly all my time here either drunk or hungover, so my tastes ran to the simple and colorful. Uncle B plied me with an awful lot of strong drink back then. I’m not sure his intentions were honorable.

Last day at work before the holidays. No alarm clock for five days! w00t!

December 23, 2014 — 7:12 pm
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