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Yup, that too

The topic of witch marks or apotropaic marks came up in the previous thread and I decided to plug ‘apotropaic’ into Ebay.

Sure enough, there’s a bunch of junk. Mostly jewelry in unrelated traditions to ward off the evil eye.

The Chinese favor green Moldavite crystal necklaces (moldavite was formed by a meteor strike, so that’s cool).

The Italians like screaming heads, Medusa in particular. Or figa fists. Ahem.

For your friendly neighborhood white supremacist there is the Norse Ægishjálmr Helm of Awe.

The Hamsa, or Hand of Fatima, does a confusing double duty as a good luck charm. Fatima was Mohammed’s daughter, but it’s also mentioned as a Kabbalah symbol.

And if you think you turn up a lot of woo with a search of apotropaic, try good luck charm.

Avoid the evil eye this weekend, everyone!

July 24, 2020 — 7:51 pm
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