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I don’t think I could resist

People in eight different US states have received unsolicited packets of seeds in the mail, postmarked from China. The USDA is warning people not to plant them.

Pff! I know magic beans when I see them.

When I was a kid, a mysterious vine appeared next to our back door one year. Mother called it the moon vine and kept it watered. Eventually, it grew pumpkins. We figured somebody sat on the back doorstep and cleaned out a pumpkin one Halloween, slinging the seeds to the ground.

I think it’s really weird they haven’t said what the seeds are. Any competent botanist can tell at a glance, so they know. Maybe they’re worried that there’s additives or weird genetic manipulation or something, and if they tell people they’re cantaloup, some bugger will plant them.

July 28, 2020 — 8:39 pm
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